Activities of Los Cerritos & Beyond

Many activities are available for you. Here is where the sun and the beach come together to form breathtaking experiences that everyone can enjoy. We have more activities here than you might have guessed, with more and more natural beauty around every corner.  From the baby hummingbirds nesting in our trees, to the fruits of the cacti, in the corner of your eye there is always something waiting to catch your gaze. The perfect get-away for families, couples and solo adventurists.

There are activities galore and many places to explore.  Go take an ATV or a dune buggy out for a rip into the mystic mountainous areas of the desert. Rent by the hour or for the day, and you can also hire a licensed tour guide and explore to your heart’s content. We can provide you with information and deals for these great outdoor experiences.

Have you ever flown over the ocean with powered parachute strapped to your back? We have that here as well and it’s a new wave of great fun for those who dare to try. [click here for an image of what this looks like]

Don’t be afraid to ask when it comes to outdoor activities as we have so many to choose from at your convenience. Surfing is a must here in Playa Los Cerritos.  We have the choicest waves of the Pacific Coast in the Baja, while also being the safest swimming beach for miles. Take a look at the surf report, updated daily. Haven’t tried it before? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered there as well.  There are professional (and patient) teachers waiting for you by the waves to provide quality lessons and to get you safely into the water and having fun.

The fishing in this part of the world is second-to-none, and a great outdoor endeavor whether you like sport-fishing or a more relaxed style.  Kick back and drop a line or two to see what you can reel in. There are so many delicious fish swimming around in these waters and you can certainly cook up what you catch. There are also many beautiful creatures to observe from the boat such as dolphins and whales. Fishing is a great way to spend the day, just say the word and you’re as good as there.


On the topic of dolphins and whales, whale-watching becomes very popular during the migratory months. There are boats that will take you closer to the action if you’re looking to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas or La Paz. But you can also watch the whales from the beach here while lounging with a tasty drink on hand, as the whales make their way up to the Sea of Cortez and back with their newborns.

To get swimming with gentle giants like whale sharks and for snorkeling in calm turquoise waters, La Paz is a recommended day trip while you’re vacationing here. A one hour trip from our resort to the capital of Baja California Sur, not only does La Paz offer fun water activities, it’s also a very wonderful city to check out. The history and culture is everywhere as you walk up and down the waterfront boardwalk. The Sea of Cortez is like nothing else with perfectly calm waters and seashells dotting the sand as far as the eye can see.

Cabo San Lucas is 45 minutes south of here on the newly finished highway. While it’s not the capital of the Baja, it certainly is the hub of activity and nightlife in this little province. Restaurants and clubs are everywhere downtown and Cabo is a popular spring-break destination for students. Once in the city, there are tour-guides that can take you to the famous “arch” landmark and other stunning beaches that can only be accessed by boat. Seadoos are available for rent, and here you can also find the jet-powered “flyboard” and feel what it’s like to hover above the ocean. Easy to find and easy to arrange.

Don’t feel like going too far? That’s okay in our books too! Let us know how you’d like to spend your time here and we’ll be sure to take care of it. The cultural and artistic town of Todos Santos is only a 10 minute drive away and includes the notorious Hotel California. We like to recommend taking a short historical tour while you’re there as Todos is a cool hotspot for culture, with no chain restaurants or big-brand stores. Perhaps you can enjoy your visit by going to the beach and releasing baby turtles out into the ocean, safe from harm’s way.

There is something here for everyone. As mentioned before, say the word and our staff will be more than happy to set you up with any activity imaginable. We are here to help you squeeze everything you can out of your well deserved vacation and to make sure your experience here with us is wonderful.

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