The Cactus

Even Cacti needs a friend


When arriving here, most people are already looking forward to the ocean views|tremendous views of the ocean and the excellent surf and swimming they’ve heard about. Upon taking a closer look at the area surrounding, many note the amazing array of flora they find all around. Rows of Mango trees and the freshest mangos you can pick ripe from low-hanging branches, incredibly diverse types of palm trees, Agaves, Aloe Veras, flowers blooming in all directions… There is another main player in this landscape that stands out from the moment you arrive, and clearly deserves some attention – the cactus.


The soft oceanic breeze encourages healthy growth of all kinds of life here, and this climate is being recognized as one of the best areas for agriculture in the world.

Our pokey friends dot the area around the resort, and the range of different species alone can boggle the mind.  We’re still working on a mnemonic device to remember them all, but that might be another blog in itself.


Next to the resort is an arrojo (pronounced: A-roy-yo), a marvelously lush area that is unmistakable when you first see it. A “river of green” flowing out from the desert, towards the ocean. This land, protected by Mexican federal law, is a waterway that forms during the rainy season and maintains a water source underground for plants for the rest of the year. These plants give nectar for the insects and fruits and seeds for birds. The ecosystem here may seem harsh at times, but it is always full of life.

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