Cerritos Beach & the Area

The Surroundings Of Cerritos Puesta Del Sol

When you explore the area around Cerritos Puesta Del Sol you will first come across the unhurried and easygoing community of Los Cerritos. Roughly a couple hundred steps from the “La Playa”. You will come across one of the best swimmable beaches along the pacific coast of the Baja. Gather your towel and a parasol for a piece of shade then unwind on the charming beach with spectacular views. If you are not too much of a swimmer but still enjoy checking out the local beaches the one just over the hill from Cerritos beach is San Pedrito and its views are just as spectacular. There are some secret waterfalls just a drive up the highway in a remote area. Any where you want to go we would be happy to give you directions. The highway has a lot of scenic views and if you are a bit of an explorer there are turn offs where you can find hidden gems along the coast.  

Thinking of venturing out?

  There are a few great restaurants close by such as Free Souls, Pizza Napoli, Brody’s Pizza, Oasis, Hierbabuena; a farm to table restaurant and Carlito’s Place. For coffee drinkers try out either Baja Beans or Cafelix both of them serve great coffee and breakfast. If you want to surf there are some brilliant places for surf lessons and rentals for example: Mario’s Surf school.  If you like yoga we can arrange on site sessions or you can go to a yoga class not far from the resort. There are also martial arts classes you can attend in town at El Conchalito they offer kick boxing and Muai Thai. Pool players are in luck there is a pool table located at Oasis the neighborhood pub and there is a pool hall in town with mostly snooker tables but there are pool options as well. There are many fun things to do. ATV’s and side by sides are available for rent so you can do your own off road site seeing. Fishing is always fun, there are a few fishermen out here that offer fishing tours, if you feel like being out on the ocean and catching some big ocean beasts. Even though there are a lot of things to do, remember it is okay to just stay at the resort and relax.

Do you like making meals your own way?

  If you would like to cook your own meals there are some terrific organic markets like The Agricole and a new one that’s not far down the highway, their sign reads “Organic Produce”. For meats and other goods besides fruits and vegetables there are a couple of mini markets. The best places for groceries are Super Maryani or the Tortuga Market.  At those places you can get some steak, chicken breast, bacon and ground beef for the barbeque or a relished home cooked meal prepared in the oven or stove. You can get our basics from the local OXXO (a convenient store) as well. On Sundays the Baja Bean puts on a little farmers market with local crafts and produce, it is a great place to check out during your visit. Those who love fresh fish will love this area because the fisherman dock and sell their fresh catch of the day right on the beaches. The fishermen will even fillet the goods for you as well. Along the dirt roads towards San Pedrito you will find a tiny little shack called Mini Super Munchies, this is where you will catch all of your sweet cravings.

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